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Event specific rules
Star Wars X-wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

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Last update 5-4-2016

Campaign rules

People can build their own pilot using the rules linked below. Pilot sheets are available at the club. The model, manouver dail, possible upgrade cards and gaming material (such as tokes, dice manouver tools) need to be brought along by the players themselves. All players start with either a T-65 X-wing or a Y-wing (players choice).

Missions, AI material and scenery is provided by the organisation.

At the start of the day the participants form groups of up to 6 players. During the break, participants can switch groups. One member of the group will function as GM and control the AI but participate also with his own pilot.

Pilots created during previous events hosted by LOTR Utrecht can be used again during following events. 

Unlimited Uniques 
Since players cannot know in advance what other players in future games will have taken, players may take unique upgrades. However, before the start of a mission, players who have the same unique upgrade must choose who will use it in that mission.

Elite Pilot Talents can be used by multiple players during the same mission.

Official rules
Except where the rulepack differs from the official rules the following document is used): 

Don't forget

-Bring the models and cards

-Be on time