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Monthly events for miniature wargaming


Participants are advised to bring a full ruleset with them. This includes the following:

-All publications that contain the rules of units in the army such as codexes or armybooks (photocopies allowed).
-Relevant FAQ’s and Errata
-Personal armylist
Of all units used (including summoned units) the official rules should be brought along.

When units appear in multiple publications the newest version takes precedence. New publications can be used at the next tournament that is at least one full month after the official release. 

Instead of the physical books and armylist, the players may also use digital versions on tablets. They need to be sufficiently charged. Due to the size laptops are not allowed.

IMPORTANT: bringing tablets to our events is at the owners own risk.

Players have the responsibility to have al official documentation of the rules present. If a player has not brought his or her book and there is no other copy available he/she cannot make any claims to its content and the referee shall rule in favour of the opponent when in doubt. Participants cannot asume LOTR Utrecht or other players will have the documentation present.