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Models and Best Army Award

Painted armies

It is always more enjoyable to play with, and against, a fully painted army. Therefore the following amounts of points are awarded for this effort.

0 points  Less than half of the models are painted and based
Half points. More than half of the models are painted and based, or all models painted but not based.
Maximum points. All models are painted and based.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

To avoid confusion it is necessary that all units are correctly represented. Check the table below to see whether your models are WYSIWYG. When in doubt, please contact the organisation.

Official models
Official models for the unit, provided that they are equipped with the weapons and wargear chosen in the army list and need to be based on a base of the correct size either the base the model is supplied with or the most recent version is used. All similar models within the army must be based equally.
Models that are not the official model for a certain unit entry but have similar size, and need to be based on the base provided with the newest version they represent (or have the same size themselves in the case of models without a base). These may be models from the same or different game systems and/or companies or may be scratch-built. Weapons and wargear need to be recognizable on the model but may be represented in a way that is not standard (e.g. a jumppack is represented by wings), provided that representations are consistent throughout the army. In cases where placement of weapons is relevant (e.g. on vehicles and fortifications) the weapons must be placed approximately correctly so as not to be considered 'modelling for advantage'. All similar models within the army must be based equally.
Unit Fillers
Models that are used to complete the size of units. These can be other models or themed bases of larger size to substitute 2+ models. Empty bases are not allowed. At least 51% of a unit, including the full first row, must consist of the correct models (of either of the above two categories).

Models used as stand-in that are unequal to the correct model in terms of size, base or weapons/wargear. In tournaments these types of models are not allowed and the organization can ask you to remove them from the army or to replace them with the correct models if available.

The organization will be less strict in upholding this category if a new player is building up his first army, but this must be made known in advance.

Best Army Additional Award

During the first round, three players or teams will be nominated by the organization to display their army during the lunch break on a battlefield of the team’s choice. All players or teams will vote on their favourite army for the Best Army award during the lunch break.

Painting and conversion techniques, overall look and details are all taken into consideration when nominating the three armies.

Only fully constructed, fully painted and fully based armies can be nominated for the Best Army award.

The Best Army Award will be granted when the tournament has at least 6 players/teams.