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ingle 300

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Last update 1-1-2017

Army construction

Each player submits up to two Army Lists, both of one single faction or Sectorial Army. An army must be constructed using all official rules for a mid-tier army: 

No more than 300 points and 6 SWC can be spent on a single army.

Players choose which of their Army Lists to use in a Tournament Round at the beginning of that Round, after they have been informed of who their opponent is, what their Classified Objectives are, what faction they face, and what table and scenario they are playing.

All publications can be found on the following link:

Although this tournament follows most mid-tier elements from the official tournament rules, it is not an official tournament, and thus not registered as such. 

Furthermore, instead of a classified objectives deck it is allowed to use the classified objectives tables in the N3 rulebook to generate classified objectives.

Don't forget

-Bring the books

-Be on time