Casual gaming, fun for all!

Monthly events for miniature wargaming

Food, drinks but no alcohol

Participants are expected to bring their own food and may bring their own drinks. There is a Jumbo supermarket nearby (Saturday 9.00-21.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00) and a snack bar / Chinese take-away.
A fridge and a microwave are present at the location which can be used freely. Coffee, tea and hot choco are free.

Alcohol and drugs prohibition

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the building and on the surrounding terrain. Participants and visitors are not allowed to consume alcohol and use drugs during the event both on the terrain and outside of it, including Saturday evening. Also, participants and visitors are not allowed on the terrain if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is prohibited to smoke inside the building and next to open doors. Smoking is allowed on the terrain and outside of it.