Casual gaming, fun for all!

Monthly events for miniature wargaming


Arriving on time

For a smooth start of the tournament having all participants present on time is crucial. Therefore, not having arrived before 10 o'clock may result in a bye. Having a bye means no official participation of the round and no score for the round. If more than one player has a bye they are allowed to play a game for fun.

Collective clear-up
At the end of every event we will collectively clear up the materials. The organization will hand out crates in which the materials can be stored. Each crate has a label saying what materials should be put in which crate. When in doubt where to put something, please ask a member of the organization. Mind that a full crate is a full crate. If scenery is crammed in the crates the scenery might get damaged.

Only members of the organization are allowed in the storage room.

Any trash is to be put in the trashcan (near the bar) as soon as possible and used dishes to be cleaned immediately. This way the gaming area will stay clean and neat. Because the materials on the playing tables stain easily, food and drinks should under no circumstances be placed on them. Empty tables, shelves along the walls and the bar can be used to place the food and drinks on.

Please do not put things like bags in the walkways and only place models and other playing materials on the gaming tables.


The organization is not liable for damage or theft of properties of participants or visitors.

All participants are expected to have their own health insurance and carry the insurance card with them, in case an emergency happens.


Participants that do not adhere to the normal rules of conduct can be excluded from the event and furture events.