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Age of Sigmar
Single 2000

Please also read General event information and General tournament rules

Last update 20-3-2017

Army construction

An army must be constructed using all official rules except the following:

-No more than 20000 points can be spend on the army. 


-Distances are measured from the bases (round or square)

-Forgeworld allowed.

-Triumph table is not used, so no bonus points for having a smaller army.

-Re-rolls from 2+ saves are never better than 4+.

-Base-stacking is not allowed.


Each round a scenario will be randomly selected from the General's Handbook. Remember to check the FAQ and errata of the scenario's. Especially scenario 3.

Painted scenery
We have fantastic battlefields. Some armies have acces to scenery pieces as part of their army. To keep maintain the high quality of the battlefields these scenery pieces need to be fully painted.

This rule will be effective from 1st July