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Deployment: Battleline

Each round you can gain points for killing the opponent. For every 125 battle points you kill during the game you get 1 victory point. This counts for both players!
So if player A scores 765 battle points he gets 6 points, and if player B gets 1450 battle points he gets 11 victory points. Players can only score points for Dead, Fled, Scared and Decimated. You can't score points for the BSB or General.

With battle points you can score a maximum of 16 points in total. Both players can score 16 points in this manner!

Before deployment place a marker in the middle of the table. Then both players can deploy 1 marker in their own deployment zone, but it must be at least 6 inches from any table edge.
Having the most scoring units at the end of the game within 6 inches of a marker will give you 1 extra victory points (for a maximum of 3 VP).

If a player reaches the maximum score of 19, the gets 1 bonus point to have a score of 20!